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The Club Sandwich – Veggie delight

Two slices of bread,

With yummy cheese spread.

Carrot potato cucumber,

When stuffed and filled altogether.

Made me healthier.

Vegetables, grains, fruits, legumes, and nuts are the optimal foods for children. A culmination activity was organized to recapitulate the importance and nutritional values of carbohydrates and vegetables and to encourage them to include it in their tiffin at school.

Sandwich makes a delicious and convenient meal or snack option for children.On Thursday, the 8th of September, one or more parents from each Kindergarten class at The Indian Academy, Sharjah made it convenient to come to school and show the students how to make a healthy sandwich.  Not only did the students learn how to make a delicious and healthy sandwich, they also got to taste it.Different fillings like cheese, cucumber, carrots, potatoes etc. were added to make it healthy and tasty. It was a pleasure to see the parents along with their child, dressed as chef, demonstrate and serve the little ones.  With a shift from a teacher led activity to a parent led activity, the students had an enjoyable time as they relished the sandwiches.  It also created an indelible impact on the students wherein they were able to understand and describe the importance of adding vegetables to their daily diet.  They students expressed their gratitude by presenting a beautiful hand-made Thank You card to the parents who took time out of their busy schedules to share some time with the little ones.

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