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Stories are an integral part of the growing years of a child.  All of us have sweet memories of stories narrated to us by our grandparents, parents and other elders in the family.  Listening to stories not only makes the kindergarteners better listeners but helps develop their vocabulary too.

Once upon a time there lived a crow,

And the tortoise ran very slow;

These are some of the stories I know,

Narration and imagination can go on in a flow.


To prepare our little ones to be global citizens it is very important that we help build their communication skills and confidence. Keeping this in mind the kindergarteners at The Indian Academy, Sharjah, participated in a Story Telling competition on Thursday 22nd of September. Students came dressed up as various characters pertaining to the story they narrated.  The excitement was palpable as the little ones came up with a variety of interesting and captivating stories. In due course of the story the colourful and lively characters roared like lions, squeaked like the mouse, waved their magical wand like fairies and kept their friends enthralled.   Various values like helping, caring and qualities like wisdom, bravery etc. were also inculcated through these stories.  Students were judged on the basis of their narration,voice modulation, the content of the story and props being used for enhancement.

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