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KG Orientation (New Parents)

The Kindergarten Orientation Programme was held on April, 7th, 2016 in the Indian Academy Auditorium, Sharjah and was presided over by the Senior Leadership Team of the School. It was attended by the parents of the new kindergarten entrants. The Orientation was organized to acquaint them with the ethos and the culture of the school. To make a smooth transition is the key to success. It is just as important for the students as well as for the parents to get acquainted with the new class. This was indeed a fantastic opportunity to know what to expect in the coming year and also to equip them for it. The TIAS team looked forward for the parental support being important stake holders of the school.

The programme started with the Holy Quran recital followed by the UAE National Anthem. The Principal of the school, Dr.S.Reshma walked the parents through the Safety and Security procedures of the students at TIAS. The Head Mistress talked about the challenges that each student should go beyond the accumulation of information and to engage with the questions that are at the heart of their area of study. This involves learning to think critically, that is, to identify issues that allows students to explore the question (analyze), consider the question from a range of different perspectives (critique), and construct an academically credible argument (evaluate).The parents were apprised next, of the activities rolled out in school for the new academic year 2016-17 by the kindergarten supervisor, Ms. Franak.

The programme ended with the Indian National Anthem followed by an effective and informative question-answer round handled by the Principal and the Head Mistress.

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