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Red or green,round and sweet

Fruits are such fun to eat.

Mix them all together,

Let’s have them as an appetizer.

Fruits are a beautiful gift of nature coming in various sizes, colours and taste. They are a storehouse of nutrition, rich in vitamins and minerals, adding sweetness to our life.

The Kindergarten section at Indian Academy, Sharjah, took up the initiative of bringing all the juicy fruits into one bowl thereby taking the lead step towards a healthier life. The students were introduced to the various fruits through presentations and regular discussion in class as well as in the Special Assembly.  The culmination of this phase of learning was the celebration of the Fruit Salad Daywhich was held on the Thursday, the 1st of September’16 when the students joined their teachers in making a colourful and delicious fruit salad.  Good Hygiene habits were reinforced when the students ensured that all fruits were washed thoroughly before preparing the salad. There was a discussion on the names, distinguishing features and taste of various fruits during the course ofcutting the fruits and mixing them together.Students were extremely excited and enthusiastic as they actively participated in mixing the fruits and serving it to their peers. Values of helping, sharing and caring were reinforced during the activity.  They not only got to taste a variety of fruits such as mango, banana, kiwi, strawberry, watermelon, apple, pear, grapes etc., but also appreciated the fact that fruits should be taken regularly to keep oneself free from illness.

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