Fees Structure 2020-2021

KG 1 7600 760
KG 2 7600 760
Grade 1 8550 855
Grade 2 8550 855
Grade 3 8750 875
Grade 4 8750 875
Grade 5 9000 900
Grade 6 9000 900
Grade 7 9900 990
Grade 8 9900 990
Grade 9 10900 1090
Grade 10 11800 1180

Registration fee of AED 250/- is applicable for new admission(2020-21).
Annual Activities and Facilities fee- AED 900

Transportation Fee :As per Pick-up & Drop-off Zone

Terms and conditions

1. Terms and Conditions for online credit payments

All payments of The Indian Academy Sharjah invoices using the online credit card facilities are subject to the following conditions. Please read these terms carefully before using the online payment facility. Using the online payment facility on this website indicates that you accept these terms. If you do not accept these terms do not use this facility.

1.1. The Indian Academy Sharjah accepts the following cards:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa

1.2. When you complete the online payment form, funds will be deducted from your credit card in the selected currency.

1.3. Due to the way transactions are processed by the external banking sites, there may be delays of 1-5 days in updating your payment in The Indian Academy Sharjah’s records.

1.4. Payments are debited to The Indian Academy Sharjah.

1.5. Credit card payments are secure:

  • Payments will be processed directly by the Mashreq Bank .
  • Credit card numbers are protected with a high level of encryption when transmitted over the Internet.
  • The Indian Academy Sharjah does not have access to your credit card details.

1.6. Confirmation:

  • If successful, the Mashreq Bank will confirm that your payment was completed.
  • If unsuccessful, the Mashreq Bank will advise that your payment has failed. The Indian Academy Sharjah will not be advised why a payment has failed, therefore, you should contact your credit card provider for details.
  • If your payment fails, please use one of the other payment methods, to pay your fee.

1.7. The Indian Academy Sharjah will confirm your payment details via email.

1.8. By using The Indian Academy Sharjah’s online payment facilities, you agree to all applicable policies of the School relating to Fee Payment.

1.9. All information you provide on the online payment facility forms will be handled in accordance with the School’s privacy policy.

1.10. The Indian Academy Sharjah’s Terms and Conditions for online payments are subject to change at any time. Each transaction shall be subject to the specific Terms and Conditions that were in place at the time of the transaction.

2. Payment of Fee

2.1. Registration fee & Tuition Fee for first Month are due at the time of application to secure the seat.  This fee is non-transferable, non-refundable, and non-adjustable against tuition fee or any other fee.

2.2. Registration fee of AED 250/- is applicable for new admission(2020-21).

2.3. Payment can be made by cheque or by cash in person at The Indian Academy Sharjah. The online payment facility is introduced for the convenience of parents. Those who are not interested in using this facility can choose the other modes of payment.

3. Refund Policy

3.1. The registration fee  and re-registration fee remain non-refundable, while tuition fee refunds follow the Ministry of Education Bylaws for Private Education.  If a student withdraws or leaves school for any reason, the refunds will be processed as follows and returned to the original payee.

  • If a student withdraws prior to the start of the academic year, the balance of the first term/semester fee paid will be refunded, except the Registration Fee.
  • If a student withdraws during the school term, the Registration fee is non-refundable, and the remaining tuition fee is refunded in accordance per the Ministry of Education Bylaws for term payments:

–           Fees will be charged for one full month if a student attends school for two weeks or less.

–           Fees will be charged for two full months if a student attends school for more than two weeks and less than one month.

–           Fees will be charged for the entire school term if a student attends school for more than one month

4. Other conditions

4.1 Your payment will normally reach the School account to which you are making a payment within 3 to 5 working days.

4.2 We cannot accept liability for a payment not reaching the correct School account due to you quoting an incorrect account number or incorrect personal details.

4.3 Neither can we accept liability if payment is refused or declined by the credit/debit card supplier for any reason.

4.4 If the card supplier declines payment, the School is under no obligation to bring this fact to your attention. You should check with your bank/credit/debit card supplier that payment has been deducted from your account.