High Performance Learning

What Is High Performance Learning?

It is a unique non-traditional learning environment for students which constitute various elements that ensure that our students not only become high achievers in academics, but are also well equipped to face the real challenges beyond school. This endeavour is achieved with the help of a dedicated staff who also understand and share the same values, mission and vision of the school.


How Does This Help?

Unlike most schooling systems our method and approach to learning is by generating interest and making our students an inquisitive group. This is achieved through a combination of guided learning, challenges and collaborative studies in and outside the classroom. Most of the methods applied here are already tried and tested in our other prestigious schools spread across Dubai.

However, we do believe that learning does not imply to academic achievements alone. Through education we believe that children should develop free will and individual thinking. They develop their own cognitive thinking and become self aware. This will empower them to take bold decisions in future which will also develop their social and analytic skills. It teaches them to understand, respect and be sensitive to different cultures thus making them stronger individuals.

Most of these methods are based on advanced understanding of cognitive development and learning methodology. It empowers children not just to absorb knowledge and facts, but to understand how to apply that knowledge, how to challenge it, and how to form their own opinions through independent critical analysis. Thus helping them develop into global leaders, advanced performers and enterprising learners.

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