From Grade 1, students will begin to develop responsibility for completing homework. The type and amount of homework will vary from year to year. The objectives for home assignments are:

  • To consolidate what has been learnt in class.

  • To establish good work habits, self- discipline and a positive attitude towards studying.

  • To encourage a sense of responsibility in students for their own learning.

  • To keep parents informed of the type of work being done in school and to become involved in their child’s learning.


For Parents

We advise parents to get involved in the day to day learning’s of their children to ensure that the concepts thought in class are being practiced and revised at home.

  • alk about homework with your child
  • Sign the assignments as requested
  • Provide a quiet place at home for study
  • Monitor the use of computers at home
  • Show an interest in your child’s work and give regular encouragement.
  • Regularly check the E-Learning Gateway  (Edmodo) for homework tasks, newsletters, circulars and curriculum information.