Assessment And Evaluation


About Assessment And Evaluation

Our unique approach to learning is achieved with the help of our trained and knowledgeable teachers. The premium learning environment offered by one of the Best Schools in Sharjah – Indian Academy Sharjah provided ensures that all our students, regardless of their background, become high performers. As a student at our school, your child will be guided and challenged to become both academically and socially confident. Our holistic curriculum ensures that the students learn through several hands-on activities which enables teachers to assess their learning as they progress. Each student is treated as an individual with different strengths and weaknesses. The method of teaching is thus personalized to a large extent so that it is in accordance with the needs of all of our students.

Islamic Studies

Islamic Studies is compulsory for all Muslim students from Grade 1 onwards. It is important the child secures a pass grade (50%) in the subject in order to be promoted to the next class.

Arabic Language

All students at TIA, Sharjah will attend Arabic classes from Grade 1. It is important the child secures a pass grade (50%) in the subject in order to be promoted to the next class.

Foundation Stage

The assessment for learning is the key to the child’s individual development. Assessments are ongoing in this phase with few planned assessments to track the progression of the students. The teachers record their observation in the individual progress record maintained for each child. The progress is tracked based on the early learning goals that are to be achieved by the end of FS 2. The learning journal of TIA is the working document of the students and helps them and the teachers to assess if they have achieved the set targets. Teachers observe, monitor and document the progress of each student on an on-going basis and communicate the same to the parents regularly in addition to the mid-term review and term end report, which is twice in a year. A record of the child’s performance is maintained.

Primary Stage

Grade 1-4

Teachers use regular classroom AFL (Assessment For Learning ) to monitor the learner’s progress. Formative assessment (FA) is carried out twice a term to evaluate the overall performance of the student.

Grade 5-7

Formative Assessment (FA): FA will be carried out throughout the year by the teacher both formally and informally. Summative Assessment (SA): SA will be carried out at the end of every term.


The Scheme of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation being followed by the CBSE aims to provide holistic profile of the learner through regular assessment of scholastic and co-scholastic domains of development. The scheme aims at making evaluation an integral part of teaching and learning process, focusing on the all-round development of the learner. It is a process used by a teacher to continuously monitor student progress in a supportive environment. The Indian Academy has framed its Assessment pattern so as to incorporate these requirements of CCE. This will include evaluations that will be carried out in the form of Formative and Summative assessments. The pattern will be as follows.

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