Understanding The Curriculum

The Indian Academy, Sharjah follows the Indian Curriculum – Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), which is the largest education provider in India and is internationally recognized. It is widely acknowledged for the strength of its academic programme. Please visit the Board’s website for details regarding Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) by clicking at the CCE  icon.

FS/KG 1 and FS/KG 2

At this level the emphasis is on creating a safe and nurturing environment so that the transition from home to school is easy and comfortable. The curriculum has been structured keeping in mind the developmental stages and interests of the students.

We focus on building their learning experiences and providing opportunities to learn through hands on activities which are well planned and challenges them socially and academically.

Activities are designed to enable them to work and play together harmoniously; promoting positive attitudes and a conducive learning environment. Group habits and basic social skills are seamlessly integrated into the teaching of fundamental aspects of language and numeracy. Activities are designed to enhance the development of cognitive and motor skills.

Grades I to V

The Primary Grades are from grade 1 to 5. The transition to formal education is gradual and child friendly. The approach is experiential, holistic and child centered. Education is imparted through ‘learning by doing’.

The pedagogy involves integrated and collaborative learning where lessons are planned keeping in mind the learning capacity of the students. Emphasis is laid on self-learning and discovery. Activities are designed to develop each student’s talents, abilities and interests.

The subjects taught are English, Mathematics, General Science, Social Studies, Hindi/French Languages, Arabic Language, Islamic Studies/Moral Science, Environmental Studies, Physical Education and ICT. Educational visits provide opportunities for hands-on learning.

Grades VI - VIII

Middle School years is the stage of initiation into higher learning. The emphasis is on building an integrated personality. The social, emotional, cognitive and physical needs of students are addressed in this crucial period of transition from childhood to adulthood. Children learn to set goals and have long term objectives.

The main subjects taught are English Language,  Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Hindi/French Languages, Arabic Language, Islamic Studies/Moral Science and ICT.

Great emphasis is laid on Life Skills as per the guidelines of the Board. There are two formal examinations held, besides Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation. Our curriculum and teaching will prepare the children for these examinations. After the thorough preparations through the year they will be able to take these examinations with confidence. Students are also exposed to other external examinations, such as the Olympiads, ACER and ASSET.


Please note that The Indian Academy, Sharjah is closed now following the instructions of the Government Authorities. However, our school community is actively involved in a distance learning platform. We assure our availability during this time to provide support and guidance in all academic and administrative matters related to your child. Our parents, both existing and new, can reach out to us with any queries you may have, daily between 8 am to 4 pm.

For any IT related queries, you may write to and for general queries at Our Admission team are also available through chat on our website.

Kindly leave your email and contact number along with child name and grade on the above communication options and designated email ID’s and we will get back to you at the earliest( in 24 hrs).